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  • Scott Brown Responds to Ken Buck’s Stunning Admission: At Least He Deserves Points for Honesty

    WASHINGTON – In response to U.S. Rep. Ken Buck’s (R-CO) recent statement that Americans “don’t need next day delivery,” former U.S. Senator and Ambassador Scott Brown, chair of the Competitiveness Coalition, issued the following statement: “His antitrust vision might be flawed, but give Ken Buck points for honesty. The American Innovation and Choice Online (AICO) […]

  • Competitiveness Coalition Congratulates House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan

    WASHINGTON – Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown today congratulated Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) on taking the gavel as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee:  “The Competitiveness Coalition applauds Congressman Jim Jordan for earning the top spot on the House Judiciary Committee. Chairman Jordan has promised oversight and accountability into the U.S. Federal Trade Commission […]

  • Brown: Dangerous App Bill Swings Open the Front Door of Americans’ Data to Bad Actors

    WASHINGTON – As federal lawmakers push the dangerous Open App Markets Act (S. 2710) in a last-ditch attempt with less than two weeks left in session, the Competitiveness Coalition is urging conservative U.S. Senators to hold the line and reject the dangerous bill. “Make no mistake, the Open App Markets Act is a gift to […]

  • In Letter to GOP Congressional Leaders, Competitiveness Coalition Sounds the Alarm on the Left’s Antitrust Agenda

    Urges McCarthy, McConnell to Hold the Line On S. 2992 & S. 2710 During Lame-Duck WASHINGTON – As the 117th Congress returns for the lame-duck legislative work period, the Competitiveness Coalition today issued a letter to Republican U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urging their respective caucuses to […]

  • Competitiveness Coalition on Liberals’ Lobbying Push: “Conservatives, Wake Up Before it is Too Late”

    WASHINGTON – As activist groups call for Congress to pass a series of misguided antitrust proposals during the lame-duck session, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown released the following statement: “The litany of left-wing groups lobbying Chuck Schumer to pass the American Innovation and Choice Online Act says everything you need to know about this incredibly […]

  • Brown on SiriusXM Julie Mason Mornings: Antitrust Bills a “Backdoor for Bad Actors”

    WASHINGTON – In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s Julie Mason Mornings, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown criticized the slew of misguided antitrust bills currently under review in the U.S. Senate for providing a backdoor for bad actors to access Americans’ data and cede too much power to the Federal Trade Commission. Brown argued that the […]

  • Coalition Statement on the Left’s Pressure Campaign to Pass Antitrust Agenda in the Lame Duck

    WASHINGTON – Following a report that left-wing activists are now urging President Joe Biden to step in and help urge Senate Democrats to pass their antitrust agenda, the Competitiveness Coalition released the following statement:    “Lacking the votes for their reckless antitrust agenda – one that will only worsen inflation – the left wing is getting desperate and […]

  • Chair Scott Brown, Charles Sauer in Washington Times: Inflation, Government Spending and Antitrust Make for an Economic Disaster

    WASHINGTON – In today’s Washington Times, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown and Market Institute President Charles Sauer sound the alarm in a joint op-ed about how the left’s continued push to spend excessively and pass misguided bills such as the American Innovation and Choice Online Act will worsen the inflation crisis. “Another month brought a […]

  • Competitiveness Coalition: Abandon Antitrust, Focus on Innovation, Economic Growth

    WASHINGTON – With Americans struggling to keep up with an 8.2% annual inflation rate, an increase of 0.4% for the month and more than the 0.3% Dow Jones estimate, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown today blasted liberal leaders on Capitol Hill for using what little time remains this legislative session on attacking America’s innovators rather […]

  • Competitiveness Coalition Blasts U.S. House Antitrust Package that Emboldens Biden’s Antitrust Agenda

    WASHINGTON – As the U.S. House prepares to consider an antitrust package on the floor later today, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown released the following statement: “Instead of working to stop the Chinese Communist Party from stealing U.S. intellectual property and technologies, some conservatives on Capitol Hill are being hoodwinked into supporting bills that would […]