Washington Politicians Use Antitrust Agenda to Distract from Failures on Inflation, Gas Prices…and Now Baby Formula Shortage

WASHINGTON – As liberal Senators use their activist-backed antitrust agenda as a ploy to distract attention from record-high inflation, rising gas and grocery prices and now even the nationwide baby formula shortage, the Competitiveness Coalition today slammed Washington politicians for their attempts to shift the blame away from their failed economic policies that led to these crises.

“Liberals are now even blaming the baby formula shortage on antitrust. Americans should take note and not be fooled by this. Congressional passage of a harmful series of antitrust reforms during this cost of living crisis is like lighting a match next to a gas leak,” said Chair Scott Brown.

If enacted, bills such as the American Innovation and Choice Online Act will threaten the free and low-cost online products and services that hardworking Americans rely on. Liberal leaders in Washington are on the wrong track when it comes to protecting our fragile economy, and these antitrust bills are just another part of their bad plan.

Counting 16 small business, consumer, and taxpayer advocate groups, the coalition is focused on preserving American competitiveness and defeating misguided bills such as the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and Open App Markets Act. For more information, please visit competitivenesscoalition.com. Members of the press can contact the coalition at press@competitivenesscoalition.com.