Scott Brown Responds to Ken Buck’s Stunning Admission: At Least He Deserves Points for Honesty

WASHINGTON – In response to U.S. Rep. Ken Buck’s (R-CO) recent statement that Americans “don’t need next day delivery,” former U.S. Senator and Ambassador Scott Brown, chair of the Competitiveness Coalition, issued the following statement:

“His antitrust vision might be flawed, but give Ken Buck points for honesty. The American Innovation and Choice Online (AICO) Act that he is championing alongside liberal Senator Amy Klobuchar will deny Americans’ conveniences many have come to rely on, such as free and fast shipping of everyday necessities. Too often, antitrust proponents crusade against so-called ‘Big Tech’ but gloss over the negative implications of their legislation. Congressman Buck, as the old saying goes, said the quiet part out loud, and we look forward to taking his message far and wide.”

In the weekend interview with Newsmax, Buck declared, “You don’t need next day delivery. You can go to the store and buy toilet paper. Or you can order three or four days ahead of time.” During the 117th Congress, Buck was the lead Republican sponsor of the AICO. Both he and Klobuchar (D-MN) signaled their intent to continue pushing her antitrust agenda in the new Congress. 

Last week, Brown and the Competitiveness Coalition issued proactive and preemptive letters to each of the GOP sponsors of the AICO in the last Congress urging them against future similar action.

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