Scott Brown in Union Leader: Life under Biden more costly for everyone but those on top

Brown: “Life under the Biden administration has gotten harder and more expensive for all but those at the top. The policies and world view of (FTC Chair) Lina Khan and others are big reasons why.”

WASHINGTON – In a new op-ed for the Union-Leader, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown explains how the Biden administration has made goods and prices more difficult for American consumers through the actions of the politicized Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is chaired by Lina Khan, a protege of left-wing U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“Khan has transformed a faceless agency into a lightning rod. Just weeks after her appointment, the FTC replaced its long-held commitment to the “consumer welfare standard” with a much broader view of enforcement, in which she has tried to micromanage the economy in pursuit of an ideological agenda,” writes Brown, a former Senator and Ambassador. “The consumer welfare standard places the priorities of customers — not companies — first and foremost. Access to lower prices, better goods and innovation are what should shape antitrust rather than concerns about competition or labor. Khan views the agency in a different light, as a referee designed to protect smaller companies rather than American consumers. In her eyes, big is inherently bad, regardless of consumer preference. Consider the real-life implications of Khan’s ideological pursuit. Apple and Amazon face lawsuits that could lead to their ultimate break-up. Rather than dedicating resources innovating the next iPhone or improving home delivery, they are spending time on legal action.”

Brown recounted how the progressive agenda being pushed by Biden’s antitrust warriors have led to Massachusetts-based iRobot laying off 350 workers and canceled airline routes for JetBlue consumers. He concluded: “Life under the Biden administration has gotten harder and more expensive for all but those at the top. The policies and world view of Lina Khan and others are big reasons why. Conservatives would be wise to keep this in mind.”

Chair Brown’s full piece in the New Hampshire Union-Leader can be found here.

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