Scott Brown in Fox News: Five crazy ways President Biden is ruining America’s summer fun

WASHINGTON – As we reach the unofficial start of summer, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown highlighted five ways that President Joe Biden is ruining Americans’ summer fun in his latest piece for Fox News.

Brown opens by   pointing out the Biden Administration’s meddling in the airline industry, which ultimately caused less options and increased prices for passengers: “When JetBlue Airways tried to acquire Spirit in an effort to increase its offerings, Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) took them to court. Ditto with last year’s proposed partnership between JetBlue and American Airlines.”

Those skipping the airport for the highway will not fare much better, as Brown takes the administration to task for skyrocketing gas prices, and instituting half-measures without addressing the root cause of the rising prices: “From day one, the Biden administration has kept its foot on the throat of domestic energy producers to appease the administration’s green fringe, driving prices up.”

Once you hit the road, be ready to break out your old road atlases, as Brown reminds readers that  Biden’s DOJ is hell bent dismantling the companies behind America’s most-used GPS platforms: “Last fall, Biden’s DOJ went to court against the California-based company in a backwards lawsuit centered on Google’s popular products like Search. Its outcome is expected later this year, and could lead to less consumer choice and higher prices.”

When travelers stop for food, their wallets will get even lighter, as inflation and rising food costs have made finding affordable, quick meals nearly impossible: “California recently raised its minimum wage at fast food restaurants to $20, which led to job losses and higher prices.”

Finally,  folks who choose to stay home a “staycation” are not spared from the onslaught of rising costs, as the Biden Administration has taken steps to raise the price of food delivery for those who want to treat themselves and relax, rather than cooking or going out to a restaurant: “To deflect from unending inflation rates fueled by their spending spree, the Biden administration has taken aim at some of the country’s most successful delivery companies, again involving so-called ‘junk fees.’ 

Read the whole piece here.