Scott Brown Ahead Of U.S. V Google Trial: Biden Administration Is “Hellbent On Destroying Some Of America’s Great Success Stories”

WASHINGTON – Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown issued the following statement ahead of the U.S. et al v. Google trial that starts tomorrow:

“Conservatives make a major mistake in assuming that questions about Joe Biden’s infirmity mean his administration is toothless. Case in point, his army of antitrust zealots are hellbent on destroying some of America’s greatest success stories. Ideologues like Jonathan Kanter and Lina Khan will stop at nothing in their relentless hostility toward homegrown ingenuity, and the DOJ case against Google has major implications for the future of American competitiveness. As our recent polling shows, conservative voters do not support this kind of excessive government overreach, and lawmakers should do everything in their power to rein in hardcore leftists like Kanter and Khan.”

A recent poll conducted by the Competitiveness Coalition found that 72 percent of New Hampshire Republicans believe there is already too much regulation of American businesses and 74 percent will oppose Republican candidates in support of said policies.

In 2022, the Competitiveness Coalition launched with 15 groups, including small business, consumer, and taxpayer advocates, to highlight misguided attempts to overregulate and harm America’s job-creating tech sector. Its membership has now grown to 23 with the Southwest Public Policy Institute officially joining the coalition last month. 

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The Competitiveness Coalition is a first-of-its-kind group educating the public and advocating for policies that put consumers first while fostering innovation and attracting new investment.