NH Journal’s “Diner Table Economics” Series Continues With Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy

Illuminating Discussion on the FTC, the Administrative State, and Economic Freedom

WASHINGTON – In the fourth installment of “Diner Table Economics,” entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy sat down with NH Journal’s Michael Graham at the storied Airport Diner in Manchester, NH for a wide-ranging conversation. 

In each interview, Graham chats with a presidential candidate to discuss the pressing economic issues facing Granite Staters, ranging from inflation and energy to regulatory overreach and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

When asked about his thoughts on the FTC’s slate of suits and attacks on companies under the Biden Administration FTC, Ramaswamy said: “I think it needs to be pulled back in. It’s one of those three-letter agencies that is arbitrarily and capriciously, picking the examples that it goes after. And I think that that’s not right. I think that we have too much arbitrariness in the way these regulations are applied. And so many of these agencies, they act as judge, juror, lawmaker, rule maker and executioner. That’s a violation of separation of powers.”

You can watch the full 30-minute interview here.

NH Journal’s article recapping event can be found here.

The Competitiveness Coalition is a sponsor of Diner Table Economics. 

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