NH Journal Continues “Diner Table Economics” Series With Nikki Haley In The Granite State

Free-Wheeling Discussion of the Consumer Welfare Standard, Antitrust, and Regulatory Overreach with Host Michael Graham

WASHINGTON – In the second installment of “Diner Table Economics,” former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley stopped at the iconic Airport Diner for a wide-ranging chat with NH Journal’s Michael Graham.

In each interview, Graham sits down with a presidential candidate at a diner to discuss the pressing economic issues facing Granite Staters, ranging from inflation, to energy, to regulatory overreach. 

When asked about Bidenomics, overregulation, and breaking up successful companies, Ambassador Haley zeroed in on the importance of the consumer welfare standard, stating: “It’s the whole atmosphere of politics at play. The number one job when you look at antitrust is: is the consumer protected, right? It’s all about the consumer.”

Haley continued: “Right now, you look at the Amazons, you look at all of these, what do they do? They make it efficient. They make it effective, and the consumer wants it. So, because a politician doesn’t like it, because someone else doesn’t like the business they’re doing, if it’s good for the consumer, it’s a good thing.”

You can watch the full 30-minute interview here.

NH Journal’s article recapping event can be found here.

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