ICYMI: Scott Brown in The Boston Herald: Leftists out to slay ‘monster’ Amazon

Op-ed comes in the wake of 350 American jobs lost as a result of nixed Amazon-iRobot merger

WASHINGTON – In a new op-ed for The Boston Herald, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown lambastes Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair Lina Khan and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for their role ultimately killing Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot, leading to the lay-offs of 350 American workers.

“It is bad enough that the European-style mentality of the FTC, chaired by Lina Khan, a protege of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, is stifling economic growth, and Americans are paying the price with their jobs. But in the alternative left-wing universe, this news is being celebrated,” writes Brown, a former Senator and U.S. Ambassador. “Warren has described Amazon as a ‘monster,’ while Khan rose to prominence for her law school dissertation calling for a break-up of the company, an objective she has continued pursuing at the FTC.”

Brown highlights that this is far from the first time Khan has collaborated with European authorities: “After a slate of bills targeting homegrown tech firms failed to gain traction in Washington, Khan dispatched taxpayer-funded officials to Europe to help implement the Digital Markets Act. The law, as described by The Wall Street Journal editorial board, is ostensibly aimed at helping European companies compete with American tech firms.” Last July, the Competitiveness Coalition submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to understand the suspected collusion between the FTC and European regulators in enforcing the Digital Markets Act.  

Despite the loss to the American workforce, “…Khan remains ‘pleased’ with the outcome,” underscoring a profound disconnect between Khan and Warren’s leftist ideology and the needs of the American consumer and workforce. 

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