ICYMI: Scott Brown in Fox News: Will New Hampshire ‘correct’ Iowa’s vote for president? Trump and Haley could be surprised

Op-Ed Comes At The End of “Diner Table Economics” Series

WASHINGTON – In a new op-ed for Fox News, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown speaks directly to New Hampshire voters, educating them on the importance of making an informed, thoughtful decision in today’s first-in-the-nation primary.

After the NH Journal’s successful “Diner Table Economics” series, which was presented by the Competitiveness Coalition, Brown, a former U.S. Senator and Ambassador, expressed admiration for the wisdom of New Hampshire voters, noting, “it has been almost a quarter century since Iowa’s winner became the GOP’s nominee. By contrast, our state has picked the last three standard bearers in competitive contests.”

“New Hampshire has always blazed our own path, and nearly half of our voters don’t belong to either political party,” wrote Brown. “Polls show Trump in the lead, with Haley nipping at his heels. She has run a strong New Hampshire campaign, and put in the hard work our state demands. It’s also fitting that Biden’s name won’t even be on the ballot. A final snub to the state who never had much use for Biden during his three runs for president.”

He closed with a final plea for voters: “Pick wisely, New Hampshire. The rest of the country is watching, and we won’t get a do-over. Whatever we choose, the ramifications loom large.”

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