ICYMI: Scott Brown in Fox News: “Biden is strangely aiding China in three major ways”

FTC Chair Lina Khan Spotlighted As One Of The Chief Offenders

WASHINGTON – In a new op-ed for Fox News, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown sounded the alarm on destructive progressive policies and warned of the dangers of the continued encroachment of Chinese Communist Party-backed (CCP) companies into the American market. 

“Temu, the Chinese e-commerce conglomerate and growing threat to American retailers, was front and center during the Super Bowl, spending big on three ads during the game and two after. Its growth has been explosive, reportedly gaining 51 million monthly active users in January, an increase of nearly 300% from 13 million a year prior. But while TikTok’s security issues have caught the public’s attention, Temu’s threat has been overlooked. Security experts stated it can bypass users’ cell phone security to, ‘monitor activities on other apps, check notifications, read private messages and change settings,’” wrote Brown, a former Ambassador and Senator.

Brown also highlights that Biden’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC), led by its far-left activist chair, Lina Khan, “…has aggressively targeted America’s leading tech companies, including a landmark antitrust lawsuit against Amazon and a recent inquiry involving ‘compulsory orders’ to five U.S. tech companies regarding their investments in AI. But she has also broadened her ideological attacks on private businesses to include grocery stores and even sandwich shops.” 

Since 2022, the Competitiveness Coalition has been sounding the alarm on the FTC’s egregious overreach and concerning actions. To learn more about the Coalition’s work on this front, please visit www.competitivenesscoalition.com.

Read the whole piece here. 


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