ICYMI: Lina Khan Faces Resignation Calls

WASHINGTON – As the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) faces another key U.S. House investigation, the agency led by progressive activist Chair Lina Khan remains under fire in the national media. In a scathing editorial published, The Washington Times editorial board called for the chair to resign, arguing Khan has “continually abused the power of the chairman’s office.”

The Washington Times’ editorial board arrives as the FTC deals with allegations of colluding with European regulators to weaken American businesses abroad and deleting materials related to a separate House Judiciary Committee probe on the commission’s contentious nationwide noncompete ban. To read the full editorial visit The Washington Times website here.

“The FTC’s penchant for jamming through anti-business policies and kowtowing to liberal interest groups at the expense of American consumers is finally getting the attention it deserves from Congress and the press alike,” said Chair Scott Brown.“Appropriators on the Hill who are debating funding levels for this Democrat-only panel have a golden opportunity to reject the Commission’s request for a budget increase and rein in Chair Khan’s extremist activities.” 

For more than a year, the Competitiveness Coalition has been sounding the alarms on the FTC’s egregious overreach and concerning actions. Under Khan’s leadership the “independent” agency has lost two Republican commissioners, senior staff attorneys have departed “at the fastest rate in years” and employee morale has plummeted. The Commission has also faced scrutiny for using unpaid consultants that lack, as the FTC watchdog said, “a comprehensive system of controls” and for counting “zombie votes” to advance policies.

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