ICYMI: Former Governor Christie Blasts The FTC’s Frivolou Lawsuit Against Amazon

Christie: “What the hell are we suing Amazon for? For making our lives easier?”

WASHINGTON – During a town hall last week in Hampton, New Hampshire, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked about the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) lawsuit against Amazon, and his response was one for the record books:

“Look, what the hell are we suing Amazon for? Because they’ve made our lives so much easier? Like, because we can go on the computer now and order almost anything?” asked Christie. “It has made life significantly more convenient and accessible for lots of people. I don’t know what they’re suing them for.  I mean I know what they’re suing them for, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. Bbut this is about the government trying to get in the middle of the private sector…”

On Amazon’s success, the former governor had this to say: “They got big, you know why? Because we made them big. Because we like what they’re offering. And that’s freedom of choice in this country…”

Governor Christie hits the nail on the head with his answer, and data shows that the vast majority of primary voters agree with him. The FTC and its chair, Lina Khan, an Elizabeth Warren protege, have been empowered by the Biden administration to proceed unchecked in their vendetta against successful American businesses and innovation.

In October, Governor Christie was the first guest at NH Journal’s Diner Table Economics series, which features conversations about the pressing issues of the day with New Hampshire voters.

Watch the whole clip here.


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