Competitiveness Coalition Slams Sen. Schumer for Playing Both Sides in US-China Tech Race

WASHINGTON – Ahead of a classified briefing scheduled by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) this afternoon on the “global innovation and the technology race,” the Competitiveness Coalition released the following statement:

“On the left’s watch, inflation continues to hit record highs and now Senator Schumer and his comrades are desperate to sound tough in the global race with China,” said Chair Scott Brown. “If Senate liberals are truly concerned about Communist China, a good place to start is by putting dangerous antitrust proposals, such the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, in the garbage bin where they belong. Our national and economic security would be severely damaged by undermining our current technological advantage with Beijing, and yet that is precisely what the AICO Act would do.”

According to press reports, Schumer has committed to bring the activist-backed American Innovation and Choice Online Act to the floor for an upcoming vote this summer – despite internal opposition from fellow Senate Democrats. 

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