Competitiveness Coalition Launches Lina Khan’s Top 10 Basket Of Deplorables

“Three Years With Khan At The Helm, It’s Clear The FTC Has Lost Its Way & All Credibility”

WASHINGTON – Three years after activist Lina Khan took over as Chair of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Competitiveness Coalition released the top 10 ways the Commission has lost its way under her leadership. Dubbed “Khan’s Top 10 Basket Of Deplorables,” the list is a handy recap of the FTC’s controversies, concerning conduct and questionable actions. 

“On her third anniversary as chair of the FTC, I want to congratulate Lina Khan on her tenure. She has successfully cost 350 people their jobs at iRobot and sued almost every industry in America from tech to sandwiches to handbags to alcohol, soft drinks and groceries” said Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown. “It’s long past time to end Khan’s reign of terror, and lawmakers holding her to account should be commended for shedding light on her overreach.” 

Khan’s Top 10 Basket Of Deplorables include:

1. Allegations of collusion with European regulators to target U.S. businesses.

2. Official inquiries into questions of destroying documents related to a congressional probe.

3. Blocking an Amazon-iRobot merger that led to 350 employees losing their jobs.

4. Banning noncompete agreements, a move that was panned by the left-leaning Washington Posteditorial board. “The FTC might not actually have the legal authority to enact any rule in this area.”

5. Ignoring advice from a top ethics official to recuse herself from a case against Meta to avoid the appearance of bias.

6.  Comparing the leaders of American tech companies to “mob bosses.”

7. Having her leadership questioned in accounts from even friendly news outlets like New York Magazine: “the most common area of concern was Khan’s temperament and management style.”

8. Overseeing the slide of the FTC from second place atop the “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” list all the way to #22, “amid reports of declining employee morale.”

9. From handbags and alcohol to sandwiches, soft drinks, and groceries, virtually no component of our economy has found itself immune from Chair Khan’s wrath.

10. Bottom line: The FTC is no longer a serious, independent agency focused on its core mission of protecting the consumer. Instead, the FTC’s countless probes and attacks underscores how ideological and misguided its agenda has become. As the Wall Street Journal succinctly stated, “there’s no legal or economic logic to the Khan FTC’s antitrust policy other than that the only good merger is a dead merger.”