Coalition Statement on the Left’s Pressure Campaign to Pass Antitrust Agenda in the Lame Duck

WASHINGTON – Following a report that left-wing activists are now urging President Joe Biden to step in and help urge Senate Democrats to pass their antitrust agenda, the Competitiveness Coalition released the following statement:   

“Lacking the votes for their reckless antitrust agenda – one that will only worsen inflation – the left wing is getting desperate and throwing Majority Leader Schumer under the bus. As with all the other flawed bills, when the left can’t get their way through the normal legislative process they resort to power grabs from the executive branch,” said Chair Scott Brown. “If this wasn’t a wake-up call for conservatives to run for the hills on these particular bills, nothing will be. With a recession likely around the corner, Republicans supporting these pieces of legislation have a choice: stand up and make clear these bills belong in the dust bin or be complicit with the Biden-Schumer agenda in the lame duck.”


The Competitiveness Coalition is a first-of-its-kind group educating the public and advocating for policies that put consumers first while fostering innovation and attracting new investment.