Chair Scott Brown: Conservatives Should Stay Far Away from the Activist Antitrust Agenda

WASHINGTON – Following reports that liberal activists are demanding Senate Democrats to bring to the floor a pair of misguided antitrust reform bills that would overregulate America’s job-creating sector, Chair Scott Brown urged conservative legislators to oppose the Biden Administration-backed effort. 

“Conservatives should stay far, far away from helping Chuck Schumer, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren and others in their efforts to appease activists and advance a Big Government antitrust agenda that will interfere with American companies and help China’s quest for global dominance,” said Chair Scott Brown. “If members of Congress are looking for a bipartisan victory these two bills aren’t it – particularly as more leaders in the Biden Administration, including the Justice and Commerce Departments, shell out endorsements. At a time when the American people are beyond frustrated with the left’s failed policies that have resulted in record-high inflation, conservatives in Congress must be laser-focused on bills that create jobs, spur economic growth and further America’s global competitiveness.”

Recently launched by a collection of 15 groups, including small business, consumer, and taxpayer advocates, the coalition is focused on preserving American competitiveness and defeating misguided bills such as the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and Open App Markets Act. For more information, please visit Members of the press can contact the coalition at