Chair Brown on Ringside Politics: Klobuchar’s Antitrust Bill will “Absolutely Increase Inflation”

LOUISIANA – During a radio interview with New Orleans-based Ringside Politics this morning, Chair Scott Brown slammed the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, S.2992, highlighting the further economic hardship it will inflict on hardworking taxpayers, businesses and families at a time when inflation has already reached a 40-year high.   

“This bill will absolutely increase inflation and this bill will absolutely benefit the Chinese Communist Party,” Brown said, pointing out how the AICO Act forces companies “to open up their platforms to foreign interference.” 

In addition to the legislation worsening inflation and breaking online services that Americans rely on to purchase goods, Brown said it will “create real security issues and put a wet blanket on all the innovators not only in your state but around the country.”

Brown also shared how the bill expands the power of the government, particularly within the FTC. 

“When you have Klobuchar, Warren, the DOJ, FTC and all the hardcore liberals on a bill you have to ask, ‘what?’ And you have to wonder why Senator John Kennedy and others, like Senators Cruz and Graham, are on this bill,” Brown told host Jeff Crouere. 

Listen to the radio interview here

Earlier this week Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), author of the legislation, expressed confidence about the bill’s prospects, telling Bloomberg News “once this bill comes to the floor for a vote, we are confident it will pass.”

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