Chair Brown on Republican Takeover of the House: “Don’t Fall Victim to Liberal Leaders’ Tricks”

WASHINGTON – Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown issued the following statement after Republicans took control of the U.S. House of Representatives:

“House Republicans owe their new majority to Americans who voted GOP because of their commitment to economic issues. Conservative lawmakers should use their new mandate to combat skyrocketing prices and record high inflation and resist pressure to pass new antitrust regulations that empower Washington bureaucrats. Advancing Senator Amy Klobuchar’s antitrust agenda would pour more cold water on our innovators, misread the will of the electorate and exacerbate rather than relieve economic pain.”

According to media reports, the Biden White House is planning a “last-ditch effort to get a stalled pair of bills through Congress before a predicted Republican takeover in January.” Meanwhile, exit polls from CNN showed, “Nearly a third of voters said inflation was the issue that mattered most in deciding how they voted for House candidates. And more than 7 in 10 of them opted for Republicans.”

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