Chair Brown on Sen. Klobuchar’s S.2992 “Pet Project”: “Take the Blinders Off”

WASHINGTON – Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown released the following statement after Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) held a press conference pushing the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, S.2992, misguided legislation that would lead to unintended economic consequences for hardworking taxpayers, middle-class families, and job-creating businesses.

“How bad does the economy have to get for Congress to take their blinders off and recognize that the last thing middle-class families and small businesses need right now is a bill that would threaten free and low-cost online services and products that they enjoy and regularly use?” said Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown. “The Biden Administration and their liberal enablers in Washington have put us on the wrong track, and this bill represents yet another failed progressive policy that got us to this breaking point. Conservative lawmakers should stay far, far away from this bill unless they want to further exacerbate our economic challenges.”

Counting 17 small business, consumer, and taxpayer advocates, the coalition is focused on preserving American competitiveness and defeating misguided bills such as the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and Open App Markets Act. For more information, please visit Members of the press can contact the coalition at


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