Chair Brown: FTC Disarray Should Concern Congress, Taxpayers

WASHINGTON – Following a scathing report from the U.S. House Judiciary Committee detailing the abuse of law and mismanagement within the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Chair Scott Brown urges Congress to call for Chair Lina Khan to testify before key U.S. House and Senate committees.

Unlike previous Democratic and Republican leadership, Chair Khan “has repeatedly attempted to evade Congressional oversight.” The panel’s probe revealed that “Chair Khan consolidated power in her office to push through a radical agenda.” During Khan’s tenure the “independent” agency has lost two Republican commissioners, senior staff attorneys have departed “at the fastest rate in years” and employee morale has plummeted. As noted by the report, career staff shared “‘concerns about retaliation’ from Chair Khan and other senior leaders.”

“This report lays bare why the FTC needs a change in leadership, but unfortunately for taxpayers, consumers and small businesses, the Biden Administration is standing idly by,” said Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown. “FTC Chair Lina Khan’s reckless agenda has not only decimated career staff morale, but has turned a bipartisan and independent panel into a tool for the left seeking to rewrite the rules of the American economy. Senate and House leaders would be wise to call the Chair to testify before their committees to answer these findings and show that this taxpayer-funded agency is not above the law.”

Since its inception in 2022, the Competitiveness Coalition has been sounding the alarms on the FTC’s egregious overreach and questionable actions. Under Khan’s leadership the Commission has come under scrutiny from key congressional committees, who are investigating allegations of abuse of power, the deletion of key documents, and disregard for the rule of law and federal ethics standards.” Compounding this myriad of controversies is that the FTC is currently working with foreign regulators to hamstring U.S. companies. Recently, European Union regulators admitted that they were “in close contact with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission,” throughout their investigation into the iRobot-Amazon acquisition, which has been abandoned and resulted in 350 American jobs needlessly lost. Chair Scott Brown lamented those layoffs in a recent Boston Herald op-ed

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