Brown on State of the Union: Chinese Spy Balloon a Stark Reminder of Stakes in U.S.-Chinese Tech Race

WASHINGTON – With media reports indicating that President Biden’s State of the Union address will include antitrust enforcement targeting the tech industry, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown released the following statement urging him to take a different course:

“The Chinese surveillance balloon was the most tangible example of Americans’ growing frustration with Beijing’s increased military and economic aggression, but it’s far from the only area where misguided policies from the Biden Administration jeopardize American security. Our long record of innovation in a pro-business environment set us apart from our global rivals. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration is squandering this advantage with a policy agenda that would harm our country’s greatest success stories all to the benefit of the Chinese Communist Party and other global rivals. Xi Jinping has made no secret of his desire to supplant our nation as the world’s leader and has declared that China will ‘resolutely win the battle in key core technologies.’ President Biden should steer clear of activist-backed platitudes under the guise of antitrust and instead offer the American people a sensible vision for countering the economic and security threat posed by the CCP.”

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