Brown on SiriusXM’s Julie Mason Mornings: Trump’s Indictment Raises Concerns About Weaponization of Government Institutions Everywhere

WASHINGTON – When asked about a New York grand jury’s indictment of former president Donald Trump, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown raised concerns about the weaponization of government institutions under Chair Lina Khan’s leadership of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

In the interview with SiriusXM’s Julie Mason Mornings, Brown lambasted the continuous institutional overreach that has become the new normal, arguing that lawmakers will leap at the opportunity to overstep their jurisdictions in pursuit of a political agenda.

 “Look at FTC Chair Lina Khan picking winners and losers in the private sector,” said Brown. “Americans are concerned with the overreach of these institutions. Once you start this precedent, what’s next?”  

Indeed, Khan has come under fire in recent weeks for a number of controversial decisions, including a proposed rule to totally ban noncompete agreements and working hand-in-glove with European bureaucrats to hamstring American companies. In February, Republican FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson announced her resignation, citing Khan’s repeated abuse of government power as the final straw. 

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