Brown on FOX Radio: Antitrust Bill Gives Away One of America’s Advantages in US-China Rivalry

WASHINGTON – During a FOX News radio interview, Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown pushed back on President Joe Biden’s call for antitrust enforcement and criticized the Administration for failing to address the economic and security threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

Permitting the Chinese surveillance balloon to traverse across the U.S. for several days was a clear “sign of weakness” from the Biden Administration, Brown told FOX Radio. The Chinese Communist Party is “poking, prodding and testing us.” 

Having served as Ambassador to New Zealand from 2017-2020, Brown has had a front row seat to increasing CCP aggression in the Indo Pacific region. Brown said the president’s voiced support for antitrust legislation targeting American businesses would be a grave mistake as it would hamper current and future innovators at a time when Chinese leader Xi Jinping is empowering tech companies in Beijing. 

“We have the number one [tech] industry and this President and Amy Klobuchar and respectfully and sadly a couple of Republicans who I think are misguided are trying to give away the advantage of one of our biggest job creators, and it’s just wrong.”

At the start of this Congress, Brown sent letters to six GOP U.S. Senators and seven GOP U.S. Representatives, encouraging them to withhold support from future antitrust legislation that would threaten U.S. global competitiveness, harm hard-working Americans, and upend the consumer welfare standard by expanding the reach of the federal government into private businesses. Click here to read more about those letters. 

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