Brown: Dangerous App Bill Swings Open the Front Door of Americans’ Data to Bad Actors

WASHINGTON – As federal lawmakers push the dangerous Open App Markets Act (S. 2710) in a last-ditch attempt with less than two weeks left in session, the Competitiveness Coalition is urging conservative U.S. Senators to hold the line and reject the dangerous bill.

“Make no mistake, the Open App Markets Act is a gift to our foreign adversaries including Communist China as the bill removes security safeguards, effectively swinging open the front door of Americans’ data to unverified bad actors and cybercriminals,” said Competitiveness Coalition Chair Scott Brown. “Conservatives are rightly appalled at the Biden Administration’s failure to rein in inflation and abuse of our strategic oil reserves yet now Republican Senators like Marsha Blackburn are teaming up with liberals like Richard Blumenthal to extend the long reach of the government into the bowels of private sector companies. The idea that the government should not be imposing its will on free enterprise is a bedrock principle of conservatism. It is disappointing Senator Blackburn and any other Republicans who join her in this misguided effort are willing to stray from this foundational belief. The Open App Markets Act should be discarded to the dustbin where it belongs.”

Chair Scott Brown and former National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien noted the Open App Markets Act will “place U.S. companies at a structural disadvantage vis a vis their Chinese competitors” in a Fox News op-ed published this fall. Brown and O’Brien cautioned the bill would “remove vetting safeguards that protect consumers from unscrupulous app designers, some of whom could be foreign agents.”

Additionally, last week the Competitiveness Coalition sent a letter to U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urging their respective caucuses to oppose the Open App Markets Act (S. 2710) as well as the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S. 2992).

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